The cheapest Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

The cheapest Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

The cheapest Phi Phi island tours, the best quality tours for the very affordable prices

Cheapest Phi Phi island tours from Phuket are anyway the most thrilling tours you can get, with great quality/price ratio, to get impressive pictures you will never forget. You will always want to pay a visit to these Islands even daily if it is possible, so why not to get the best solutions for a relatively affordable price!

The problem is that the economic aspect of the whole plan really drags you down every time you think of this; you may have a problem with affording the tour every time you wish to make one,

However, I have a solution for you which will work just perfectly to help you come back to the touring trend again. How about I get you the cheapest tours that you can afford to make several times without straining. This is the real solution to your problem.

Are there cheap tours to Phi Phi Island from Phuket?

Yes, there are quite cheap tours that can help you come back to your touring trend without much straining. You can find the best tours at very affordable prices that will help you make your tour in Phuket seem like a free tour, you won’t feel the pinch on your pocket.

Will cheap tours have the same quality?

The best thing about these cheaper Phi Phi Island tours is that despite the cut down prices, you will still get the best quality tours. You will still be able to cruise through the islands and enjoy the rides on the boats and favorite foods.

This will be just like the normal trips you have been having; it is just that you were not able to access information that could have given you such guidance to help you go for the cheapest tour packages. With this information, you will be guaranteed to accessing the best rates when it comes to paying for the tours.

Preview of the cheapest Phi Phi island tours from Phuket

Well, Phi Phi Islands has just one of the cheapest tours in the whole of Thailand; you just need to get the right information like this one to realize that. There are quite affordable rates from trusted dealers for you to garb and enjoy your vacation in this place without having to cut short your trip because of the finances. I will be giving you the best ideas and the activities that you can get involved in just to make your tour affordable in these Islands. These are the best selling tour with affordable rates that you can take in Phuket.

The cheapest Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

Phi Phi Island sightseeing tour from Phuket

This is another tour that is quite a cheap tour you can go from Phuket. The tour basically transports you from Phuket to the pier and coming back just to enjoy the best sights among the islands.

You will be provided with buffet lunch because this is a whole day trip so you will have time to just focus on the trip.

Phi Phi Island sightseeing tour from Phuket

You will also be provided with snacks and clean drinking water. Just ensure that you come along with your swimming suit because you can’t just finish a trip on the island without swimming.

You will be able to get the best sights starting from Maya Bay and Monkey beach, not forgetting the Viking cave; in these paces, you will have a magnificent view of the cliffs of the bay.

In this trip, you will get to the best meals from Phi Phi don beach restaurant which include fried chicken, fried fish, and many other amazing foods.

The cheapest Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

Phi Phi bamboo Maiton islands tour with speed boat from Phuket

This is another tour from Phuket that us quite cheap and with very amazing offers.

The very basic things that you can expect in this tour are; sightseeing of the most amazing features from the islands and enjoying the spectacular view of the tropical fishes which are found at the Bamboo Island.

Also in this tour, you can’t miss the whole sightseeing fun at the Monkey beach and the Viking Cave. And don’t forget carrying your swimming suit because you will be enjoying the best swimming sessions at Bamboo Island when you are given free time on the beach.

This trip package has very many good services included which include; taking lunch at Phi Phi don beach restaurant which has the very best meals you can enjoy, also you will be provided with soft drinks for your hydration purposes, although you can also get water for drinking and beverages like coffee and tea.

Phi Phi Bamboo Maiton islands tour with speedboat


Maiton Phi Phi Khai Islands tour by speedboat

Both really nice itineraries because they allow you to see 3 different islands/locations. Personally, I prefer to see Maiton island as there are more things to do here than on Bamboo island.

Bamboo island is really ”just” about sunbathing and snorkeling, it has an incredible coral reef wall all around, that literally circles the island, so you can find so many different great spots for snorkeling, even though the island is quite small.

Maiton island is actually a privately owned island, so it has, for example:

  • A wonderful swimming pool to use
  • A very clean beach with a coral reef in front
  • A great viewpoint up on the hill, which you can reach in 5 minutes
  • Different points on the island that you can use as a back ground for memorable pictures
  • A really cool bar right on the beach

Phuket Phi Phi sunset tour by speedboat from Phuket

This is definitely not the cheapest solution, but I personally consider this in the top 3 for price/quality, simply for what you get for the money you pay.

Don’t get it twisted it is not an evening tour, it is a full day trip on a speed boat from Phuket which is headed to Phi Phi Islands.

The trip has a lot of fun activities, on this trip you will leave Phuket at sunrise towards Phi Phi and return during sunset in the evening. It is quite fun because of the several stops and activities; you will first stop at Maiton Island where you will be thrilled by watching dolphins.

Don’t forget that this trip is inclusive of the special buffet lunch in a beach hotel. The consecutive destinations will include, the monkey beach, to Maya Bay and Khai Island where you will now enjoy swimming to sunset and start your journey back.

From this trip, you will be provided with soft drinks, beverages, and water. A life jacket will also be provided for your safety while on your trip and finally, you will be provided with buffet lunch just for a very affordable price. You can’t miss this again; all you can do is the book for your next one because you don’t have to worry about prices anymore.

In conclusion

you don’t need to get afraid of the prices anymore, now you got it, the very best tours just for a small amount of money, you can try out Phi Phi Island tours today and enjoy the very best tours with a very affordable rate.

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