Lombok Volcano Tours

Lombok Volcano Tours

Lombok Volcano Tours

The huge Rinjani mountain, or Gunung Rinjani as locals call it, is a mighty volcano which rises over the island of Lombako. A climb to the top is one of the most amazing experience you can have in Indonesia.

Standing at a stunning height of 3,726m, Gunung Rinjani is regarded as the second-highest mountain in Indonesia. The amazing climb to the top may not be a walk in the park, but it is worth it and is generally considered to be one of the best views in the whole of Indonesia.

To avoid any misadventure whatsoever, it is advised that tourists maintain their physical fitness prior to the tour.

The crater of Mount Rinjani has a lake, filled with fishes and a picturesque hot spring which you can swim in. It is so large that creates its own weather system, and is always shrouded in cloud.

You should be cautious when trekking to the top as touring this volcanic mountain is not for the fainthearted.

The cone of this mountain is full of water (approximated to around 200m deep) and 2,000m above sea level.

Visiting the crater takes a period of 2-3 days, though a visit by vehicle to its base is very worthwhile and quite easy.

Touring this volcanic mountain is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can either trek all the way up or hike all the way up, whichever you find preferable.

Regarded as Lombok’s most famous attraction for several tourists, this mountain, which is not an actual mountain but a still-active volcano has lots of exhilarating features. One of the huge draws here is a trek to the crater at the apogee where you can also absorb an azure lake and some magnificent views over wider Lombok.

Touring the Lombok volcanic mountain, Rinjani, is one of the best adventure ones can experience. Comparable with the more popular mountain tracks, Rinjani provides tourists with adventurous scenery, rain forest, waterfalls, wildlife, caves, hot springs, demanding trekking, intriguing culture, pristine lake, and the volcano.

Lombok Volcano Tours

Touring on the Rinjani Volcano Mountain

When seismic and volcanic activities permits, 12,224-foot (3,726-meter) Mt. Rinjani is one of Indonesia’s huge volcano climb, even if you stop, as most climbers do, at the rim of the crater.

The rising peak finished with a crater lake, dominates North Lombok, so even when officials close the mountain to visitors, hikes on the lower slopes appeal.

Lombok Volcano Tours. The basics

Climbing this impressive volcanic mountain is a serious hike that requires at lease a night camping in the mountains. If you are to go on a tour of this volcanic mountain, you should take guides, tents, food, water, porters, and sleeping bags along with you. You should also be aware that the price varies according to the length of the trek and other extras.

Arranging Rinjani hikes is possible on the spot in Sembalun Lawang or Senaru, but most tourists prefer to book ahead online.

When they close the mountain, the crater and summit will be inaccessible. Scenic waterfall hikes out of Senaru may provide you with something to cheer about.

Things to know before you tour the volcanic mountain

  • The mountain sometimes closes, as in the year 2018, due to volcanic or earthquake activity, and it regularly closes because of rain.
  • Temperatures at the top can drop drastically to almost freezing.
  • Wear hiking boots and take along a warm jacket, gloves, and a hat to protect yourself from the cold.
  • The volcanic mountain is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia and attracts about 100,000 tourists in a year.

How to get there

The hillside village of Senaru is the most famous base both for climbing Mt. Rinjani and for touring its scenic lower slopes. Regardless of its status as a trekking center, there exists no public transport. Several tourists forechoose the convenience of a tour that comes with a mode of transport from Lombok port or airport.

When to get there

The volcanic mountain is usually closed to visitors during terrible raining season ( from December until late March) and occasionally closed due to geological activity. Touring this volcanic mountain can be at its most colorful on full moon nights when local Sasaks makes pilgrimages, the mountain is holy to them and the Balinese Hindus.

Lombok Volcano Tours

Mt. Rinjani climbing routes

Most of this mountain climbs begin from Sembalun Lawang or Senaru and entail a minimum of one-night camping on the mountain. The quickest route to the top is a 2-day hike from Sembalun Lawang: the shortest trek takes you from Senaru to the crater rim in a mere two days. You can spend around two days and three nights exploring this volcanic mountain, but most tourists always opt for a 3-days, 2-night trek that includes the crater lake.

Why do a Rinjani Trek

The difficult hike to the crater rim is rewarded by amazing views. Rocky black soil at the top drops off into a lush valley adorned with purple so thick and greens so illuminating they appear so extraordinary.

The lake Segara Anak, housed at the bottom of the gaping crater, is a deep turquoise, mirroring the stunning color of Lombok’s seas.

On the rim of the lake, there exist active volcano, mount Barujari, which regularly speed toxic clouds of smoke up in the air.

At night, the beautiful sky is blanketed with stars so thick they appear painted on.

While the appearance is awe-inspiring, the most captivating reason to trek this mountain is to challenge your body and your mind, leap firmly away from your comfort zone.

Why you should experience a Lombok Volcano Tours

There are several reasons why you should consider touring this thrilling volcanic mountain. The spectacular view the summit of the mountain offers tourist is exhilarating, not to talk of the other interesting features the top of the mountain holds. This and many other beguiling reasons are why you should consider a tour of this volcano when you visit Lombok.

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