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Our bucket list

  • Experience the most amazing ASEAN national parks (COMPLETE)
  • Living in Thailand and Cambodia (COMPLETE)

  • Find the favorite tropical forest (Khao Sok National Park) and spend lot of time there (COMPLETE)
  • Traveling the ASEAN countries (COMPLETE)

  • Finding our favorite cities in ASEAN (COMPLETE)

  • Hold some personal records (COMPLETE)

  • Living in L.A. California (COMPLETE)

  • Seeing the northern lights and visiting North Europe, Danmark, Sweden, the Baltic states (COMPLETE)

  • Climbing the Eiffel Tower (COMPLETE)

  • Traveling in Germany and Poland (COMPLETE)

  • Skying in most of the best ski resort destination on the Alps, Italian side and Swiss side (COMPLETE)

  • Trekking in the Alps in the summers (COMPLETE)

  • Living in the Baltic states (COMPLETE)

  • Trekking the Tundra pine forests and the Baltics National Parks (COMPLETE)

  • Exploring dream destinations in Russia and Ukraine (COMPLETE)